Day 2

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delayed post; we’ve had some issues getting an internet connection. Here is a recap of yesterday’s events:

Day 1:

We made it safe and sound to London-Heathrow Airport!!! Everyone loaded onto the tour bus and had the opportunity to see some amazing landmarks on our way to our hotel. We didn’t stay at the hotel long, but we rushed out to begin our adventure. The train is a maze; in order to get to our destination we loaded and unloaded it multiple times. The tour guide introduced us to some interesting locations, which included Westminster Park and Covent Garden, so that we can revisit them during our stay; then, we enjoyed a dinner of fish and chips!!! Once our bellies were full, we made one last stop to see Greenwich and headed back to our hotel. Now, it’s time to get some rest before our big day tomorrow!! Pictures to come!!!

Day 2: Today has been just as much of an adventure. We started the day with a bus ride tour of London, which included Westminster Park, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul’s Cathedral. This tour was followed by a trip to Windsor Castle, where we enjoyed a lunch and a walk through the Queen’s favorite home. Then, we returned to Greenwich to get some dinner (even though we didn’t quite have time to eat) before participating in a walking tour educating the events of Jack the Ripper murders. After a full day of activities, we are going to get some rest in order to be energize for tomorrow’s festivities! We’ll keep you updated!


Less than 3 weeks until take off!

We’ve checked off our list and started making our arrangements. We are looking forward to experiencing another country! We have received our itinerary for our flights and hotels. We are beginning to get excited about all of the places we will explore. Stay posted!